3 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog


Just Having a static website these days is not going to be enough to create an impact online. Web users require relevant and timely information which cannot be easily generated when running a static website. Additionally, blogging allows you to actively engage within a community to build your brand, expertise and authority. This post will explain, in detail, why you need a blog.

Reason #1: CMS Easily Creates Fresh New Content

As noted, blogging allows you to create timely information without the hassle of editing a full web page from the base HTML level. Because you are not creating manual pages each time you’re producing content, you’ll be more readily able to push out news, articles and other forms of content to your community on a consistent basis. Additionally, major search engines (such as Google) even awards relevant and timely information by displaying recent blog entries within their search results and often gives higher ranking to blog posts covering current topics. Your coverage of recent information will increase the likelihood that your blog is found and thus, build a community.

Reason #2: Blogging Creates a Strong Community

One of the greatest advantages of blogging is that blogging platforms naturally allow visitors to leave comments. Comments allow visitors to engage with you and build a rapport with one another which has the possibility to lead to online relationships and networking opportunities. On the other end of the spectrum, when you leave comments on blogs within your niche you too will gain links and reach out well beyond your circle to engage other members of your niche which may eventually become part of your own community. Consistent content and replying to your commenter’s is a great way to build a community; each new member gives you the ability to spread your message beyond what’s capable on your own.

Reason #3: Blogging Shows Expertise; Builds Authority

Information on the web moves at such as speed that what’s considered fundamental today is irrelevant tomorrow. Blogging allows you to continually build your expertise without the barriers imposed by static websites. You will build your expertise and authority in a niche with each new piece of content published on your blog. Publishing new content on a regular schedule with new information related to your niche will give you the edge against competitors which continue to share information that has become long out-dated in terms of the web.


You now know three of the best reasons why you need a blog. Easily creating new content, building a community and displaying your expertise are all great examples of how a blog can help build a better online presence and brand. As your brand grows, you’ll be able to move into new projects with your community backing. If you run a business, you’ll be able to transition community members into buyers due to the wealth of information you provide. There really are no limits to how much a blog can help you grow your online brand; this post shared three, find out the rest by starting your own blog, today.

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