6 Benefits Of Using WordPress in 2015benefits

If you have been thinking about updating your tired old website you may have noticed the buzz around WordPress lately, well I say lately but it has actually been growing in popularity for a fair few years now.

Many business owners are now starting to use WordPress for their business websites. Not just the online businesses but real world businesses too!

I first started using it back in 2009 when it was a mere blogging platform. It is now MUCH MUCH more than that and is used by many of the major companies in the world such as Yahoo, Ebay, CNN, Sony, Ford, Wall Street Journal, PlayStation & Samsung!

Why is this? Why does everyone prefer using WordPress? What makes it so special?

Below I have listed 6 really good reasons why you should be thinking of upgrading your site and moving it over to WordPress.

Stunning Visual Editor and Content Management System (CMS)

Unlike other similar platforms, WordPress has a completely user-friendly backend which is a major part of why it is so popular. The editor is very similar to Word and everything you do in Word you can do in WordPress.

Also as with anything that is popular, WordPress is constantly improving their CMS and adding many awesome new features which keeps them ahead of the game and future proof. Technology moves on so fast so you need to be on your toes.

Thousands of Great Plugins

What’s a plugin? I hear you say… This is where WordPress comes into its own by using plugins you can extend your website to do almost anything you can think of.

A plugin is a small software file they you can install to create extra functions and usability such as eCommerce shops, online booking calendars, surveys, cool graphics, slideshows, SEO, security, customer interaction, Facebook & Twitter… this list goes on and on.

They are so easy to install and implement. They even have their own dedicated official site where you can find and download them in minutes. You can even install them from within your WordPress dashboard with just one click.

The power of plugins should not be under estimated!


Themes are little software packages that you can install to create a certain look and feel (design) for you site. There are thousands of them, free & premium. Some of them are simple, some of them are more advanced but with the right type of theme you can create something really unique. Themes are completely independent from your content so you can actually change them creating a new design very easily.

I use a custom theme which gives me the power to create all my client sites, it’s a bit like a blank canvas for a designer. I have also used themes which are especially designed for Sales pages, Squeeze pages & Membership pages.

Great Security, Updates and Constant improvements

Online security is really important these days with the explosion of hackers around the world. Why do they bother? Anyway because of the popularity of WordPress it gets targeted by hackers just like the operating system Windows gets attacked by viruses. However there is not a more secure platform out there than WordPress.

Basic security is top of the list for the developers and you can harden WordPress even more with added plugins. WordPress constantly release updates and are always trying to improve the platform with each new release.

Google & Search Engines in general

Google and WordPress have a close relationship.. Even without SEO plugins your site can rank very well organically in the search engines. With the right plugins and proper SEO optimization your site will get indexed quicker than any other website platform.

SEO is moving more towards what we call “Social signals” as opposed to the old Meta tags and keywords set up.

Although these are still fundamentally important it is also essential to have your WordPress set up so readers can share your content really easily and that it is integrated seamlessly with all your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Again this is really easy to do with a plugin or two.

The biggest benefit of all is the power of WordPress for attracting clients to your business

With a WordPress website in place, a premium theme so it no only looks professional but can be viewed on ALL mobile devices, some key plugins installed and it hooked up with Pay Pal & Aweber you have the basis for a great lead generating website and showcase for your business.

I can help you with all of these elements, contact us today.

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