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WordPress for Beginners

Over the past few months I have received several emails from people who want to get started with a website so they can start blogging and begin to build a mailing list based around a new business idea.

Their main problem I’ve found is that they don’t have the budget for a full blown WordPress development project. They are keen to get started but are not at all keen on learning all the technical skills needed to get the site up and running.

The Package

This got me thinking about a beginner’s package which would get WordPress installed for you with the Genesis theme, all ready for you to get started and build on it as your knowledge improves.

This package is ideal for young aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone with a small business that wants to take it online and start getting leads from the internet.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to track the visitors to your site and the beginner’s package will include an account all set up and configured for you.


So to summarize the package includes

  1. 365webhost247  hosting set up*
  2. WordPress installation
  3. The Genesis theme installed and configured
  4. Home, about and contact pages created
  5. Contact form plugin installed
  6. 3 Security plug ins installed and configured
  7. Backup Buddy installed and configured
  8. Google analytics plugin installed and configured
  9. Tutorial videos installed ready for you to start learning.

What is my investment to get started?

Your investment would be a payment of 297.00 GBP per year or

We have also a monthly plan 24.75 GBP a Month

How can I do this so cheaply?

*Hosting is where your website lives online so you need an account to host your website. We will set this up in your name . The cost of hosting is approx. 24.75 a month.365webhost247  pay me commission for the referrals I make so I have taken that into account when deciding what to charge for this package.

If you are interested you can fill in the form on the right there…

Please fill in the form on the right there in the sidebar and I will contact you to set up a phone or Skype call to discuss the details and sort out the hosting account.

if you want to get started straight away you can pay the 297.00 or 24.75 a month

click here:  package-chooser Buy Now

chose a domain name select a package we will do the rest

Most would charge you more £600+ for what we provide and thats not including the hosting fees!!! We just charge the hosting fee 24.75 a month


We can move a WordPress site from your current host to new host here for free. Move wp site to new host can be a tricky job. We have years experience in helping our clients and my friends moving their site to new host.

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